Year in Review – 2007

28 Dec

What was I doing when and where? Here are the answers to all your questions


The year started really well since DC was enjoying a very mild winter and we were in t-shirts. When the cold weather was on its way, I flew to better climates: Thailand, Lao PDR (hanging out with Nanda), Cambodia – 3 weeks of heat, sun and Asian food. Delicious!


I returned to DC in the middle of a storm, but 10 days later I was off to Paris. My second cousin Pascale introduced me to her favorite city, and my taste buds were in heaven once again.


Ten days under the Benin sun, but not much tourism since I was in Cotonou for work. At least I got to experience business class… traveling in economy no longer has the same charm.


Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF – work work work and then comp’ days in Boston. My friend Anne was celebrating the end of winter… yes, Bostonians start to thaw in April. Brrr


All my colleagues from the country offices were in Washington for the Communications Network Conference and our unit’s retreat… which ended on a boat cruising the Potomac. Nice! My first time on the river even though I have been in the region for 8 years… tsk tsk tsk. In May, I also had the privilege of attending Virginie’s graduation – a well-deserved Ph.D. but her ticket to leave the region.


Time to say good-bye to Virginie, David and their twins – double sigh – who moved to Georgetown, Kentucky. To “celebrate,” we had a sumptuous lunch at Bistro du Coin – escargots (for the French lady, because this Swiss Miss does not eat snails), moules-frites, mousse au chocolat. Yummy!


Another good-bye: my boss Marco left the unit to be country manger in Bosnia (no comment), ending my dream of becoming a staff… Arrgh. Still, he told John, the acting manager, to make sure I get a field assignment – something he had tried to do but…


I used the quiet (but hot!) month to lobby (or harass) John, sending him an ambitious work program in the Malawi office, making all kinds of promises (sure I’ll help with the Annual Meetings!) and of course it worked!!


After years of whining, finally a high school friend made the effort of visiting me: Sonia arrived on September 4 for 2 weeks… and I left on September 7 for Malawi. Aie aie aie ! 2007 Worst Friend award goes to…


Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF in Washington – my colleague Zeria, whom I am replacing, is suffering but I am cozy and safe in Lilongwe, and not helping at all. Still I am working hard and helping the Malawi team as much as I can, when I am not hanging out in Cape Town, South Africa.


Time to say goodbye to my new friends in Malawi – sigh & tears. After a quick business trip in beautiful Maputo, Mozambique, I am off for 2 weeks in Ireland, pampered by my Auntie Catherine. I needed serious pampering this year because I caught a cold on my first day. Once I was recovered, it was time to head home and catch another cold… but no one was there to cook for me.


While networking for a new job and crashing as many Christmas parties as humanly possible, I managed to find an apartment and as of January 1st, I live in luxury.



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