My Days and Weeks in Port Vila, Vanuatu

11 Jan

Come live in Paradise… through emails I sent to my friends over my first weeks in Vila in 2010.

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Page 2 – Getting to Know my New Home
Page 3 – Rainy Paradise
Page 4 – Back at Work
Page 5 – Who Is This Person?
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Page 8 – One Week in Vanuatu
Page 9 – Local Food
Page 10 – Week Three in Itchy Paradise
Page 11 – Peanuts – Insomnia – Climate – Cooking: Random Thoughts
Page 12 – Week Three – part two (such an exciting week!)
Page 13 – All Work and No Play
Page 14 – Just Another Week (#5) at the Office
Page 15 – Fridge Warming Party
Page 16 – Being Social in the Comfort of your Home
Page 17 – Side Note: Vanuatu Politics
Page 18 – Dog Days of Summer
Page 19 – Picture Perfect
Page 20 – What Happened since Christmas?

Home Hot Humid Home
Friday, 29 October 2010

I know I know – I have been here for more than an hour and I am only writing now… well, I was in the swimming pool under the palm trees. What can I say, “When in paradise, do as the …”

You get the idea. I cannot yet confirm whether it’s MY paradise: the dry season is over, which means it’s cloudy, hot and humid, AND I haven’t tried the local chocolate yet. I was welcome by a cat 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

The breeze is nice. The swimming pool’s cool water was perfect. My room is great. My boss, Carmine, is even better: he personally came to pick me up at the airport and had to wait wait wait because, as usual, one of my suitcases didn’t make it — two bags through three airports in two days. The heavy one will all the extra stuff that is so important is missing. I have plenty of clothing (in the bag that did arrive), but no shoes except what I was wearing. I will look good tomorrow at the market with my summer skirt and big running shoes. Fashion statement? Latest Swiss trends? I’ll find a way to spin it.

Somehow I survived to travel for about 24 hours in economy. I am still standing but looking forward to spending some quality time in my room — read: bed. I couldn’t access the internet from my room (a tad too far from wifi HQ for my old Apple apparently), so I am sitting in the restaurant. Cosy. Carmine saw me when he came back and now I am armed with a cable for the internet AND an adapter – yes, it is the missing suitcase with my shoes and (the real drama) my chocolate!

By the time I get the suitcase back it may be chocolate cream. Disaster.

Focusing on the positive: On Sunday, Carmine invited me to a tour of the island with two other colleagues. Should be fun. Night is falling. Critters and birdies are sending messages — they better hurry because I will not tolerate such raucous when I want to sleep! Hihihi! An earthquake would probably not wake me, but they had one in June, so there may not be one very soon. Is that how these things work? Oh my neighbor on the San Francisco/Sydney flight said that I should be looking forward to the cyclone season. I can also expect tsunamis but my home sweet home (Mangoes Resort) is high on a (mole) hill.

Eeeeek a strange critter landed on my screen! I actually saved a beetle-like creature from drowning — I just don’t like sharing swimming pool. Anyway, better get cosy in bungalow protected from bites. I just wanted to say that I have arrived safely, and am looking forward to exploring more.

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