My Days and Weeks in Port Vila, Vanuatu

11 Jan

Getting to Know my New Home
Saturday, 30 October 2010

I saw the office today and my boss also took me to the market before showing me around the town. Tomorrow, we will explore the surroundings. What I saw from the air when I arrived yesterday afternoon was quite beautiful: hills of green!

Getting here wasn’t too bad, long and boring but it went smoothly… until I realized that one of my suitcases hadn’t make it. So I have plenty of clothing but no shoes, no beauty products (except what I was allowed in the little transparent plastic bag), and and and — the list is long. I was making it in my head last night when insomnia hit once again. I’ll call the airport in a bit to see if it’s on today’s flight. Wait a second … I am touching my wooden chair.

My stomach is also suffering from the time difference: no appetite, which is not a bad thing after all the excesseseseses over my three-month vacation. If you haven’t followed those stories, here is a short summary: I left work at the end of July and headed to Boston right away. I go every year to explore new corners with my friend Anne who has lived there since leaving the World Bank.

Then it was time to stretch those traveling muscles and Peru welcomed me and Mien. We met at work before she left to work in China for two years. The last time she was in DC we kind of made the promise to see each other in Peru not really knowing whether it could happen… and it did! I missed her last night because bugs were attacking me. It is something that happens to me all the time (they love the chocolate running down my veins) except in Peru where they preferred to taste her! We met in Lima on a Wednesday and headed to Cuzco the next day and saw the Machu Picchu a day later. Then we stayed a couple more night in Cuzco before taking a bus to Puno. I flew back to Lima to live la vida loca with Joshua – ocean view, ceviche and lukuma juice. Mien joined us later on and we had roesti at la Tiendecita Blanca — the Swiss are everywhere!

I was back in DC for a couple of nights before leaving again to visit my “nephews” in Kentucky. I met their mother Virginie when I was studying at the University of Maryland — we were both teaching assistants. I visit them once a year, and decided to make it twice this year since I don’t know when I’ll ever be back in the US. I won’t talk about the nightmarish week I spent clearing up my apartment and closing all kinds of things. Bye bye DC.

I recovered in Oxford before flying to Austria to be with my sister’s family. I hadn’t seen my nephew (12) and my niece (10) in two and half years. What a different life from mine! I don’t know how my sister does it. I was glad to contribute (cleaning a bit of this, cooking a bit of that — no, nobody died!) but time went by too too fast. Desserts seemed to disappear quite fast as well, and even if my nephew doesn’t yet have discerning taste buds, his sweet tooth is double mine!

The real pampering started when I got home, but I did lift my little finger every now and then. I helped with dinner preparation: peeling, cutting, setting the table. Crucial. I am usually pretty good with cutting fruits and vegetables but got a bad cut when getting apples ready for a tart. In the end, I won because it was delicious and my finger healed! I left Ireland for a week to see old friends of mine in Fleetwood (England) — more pampering and both have a sweet tooth so desserts were on the menu twice a day. One hole up the belt. I had one last week with my aunt in beautiful Cliffoney before it was time to face the music: holidays have to end!

Well, today still feels like a holiday and the swimming pool is calling my name.

Oh yeah, right, first I have to call the airport. So little to do, so much time… Monday may be a different story though! Stay tuned!

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