My Days and Weeks in Port Vila, Vanuatu

11 Jan

What Happened since Christmas?
11 January 2011

I left you with a perfect picture after Christmas … and now I am leaving this paradise! All is well but it’s time that I explore the rest of the region. It has nothing to do with the fact that eight high-risk prisoners escaped over the xmas weekend and as of today only three have been captured, or that it has been raining buckets “forcing” me to be a couch potato over weekends. Oh I did go out on the first to listen to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra perform in Nima’s house, eating pancakes, made by an Australian volunteer, in the garden overseeing the turquoise lagoon. We played with a ball afterwards and Ari ended up at the hospital with broken ribs — but that I just learned yesterday, he’s so secretive! That was my only outing this pas two weekends, pathetic. Something had to change: I am going to Sydney tomorrow for ten days.

Since we last talked, I had two pieces of the galette des rois (French version, almond pie), neither on 6 January — tsk tsk total disregard for traditions. One of them was with Ari and he did get the crown! He was so funny sitting in the restaurant with the golden paper crown on his head. Then he gave it to me and it’s still at the office.

At work, we had a celebration for the new kettle — 6 liters, we had to do something! Maureen and I treated the team to pizza, Seru brought doughnuts, Terry and Martha a chocolate cake (more sugar than chocolate, but ok), there were soda pops, fruit juices — crazy party! You can tell the boss was away… There was (is) a whole controversy about the toaster, so no celebration. I hope the microwave doesn’t arrive in my absence.

I have spent some quality time (long lunch at the Hideaway Bar outside of town – yummy pizzas with priceless views) with Maureen who abandoned me on Saturday to go to a conference in Florida. I wish I were there, but she is with Carmine and two more people related to the URA. I gave her warm clothing so she doesn’t get a cold but she wrote that she is freezing! She has my gloves, a scarf, knee-high socks, a fleece with a hood. What can I say, she is an island girl, where it’s in the 30s with extra humidity. It’s colder now because of the downpours, but still hot and so so humid.

A major event was when the ATM stopped telling me that I didn’t have sufficient funds on my account to withdraw anything. Yes, I finally got paid (two months!) and reimbursed for my travel expenses (Ireland to Port Vila via Washington). I am rich! Until I discover Target Australia on Thursday…

Apart from shopping, all the addresses I have Google-Map’ed are for eating purposes (cafe, chocolate storeS, markets). I also intend to go to a movie theater — I don’t even remember the last time I went to one. Of course, I watch DVDs at home almost every day but a proper cinema. Wow! Oh on Saturday and Sunday we watched the whole first season of True Blood — the show is well made, but I still don’t get vampires. I hope I won’t made a fool of myself, the little island girl née mountain girl going to the big city. Thankfully, I will meet the sister of my friend Barbara (raising the cream of the next Irish generation) on Thursday to have a drink at the Opera bar. Yes, the best place in town. Sigh, I am so cool. I have no idea what to wear!!

Can’t wait! I’ll be back on the 23rd, but will try to spend some time in internet cafes – if the desserts look good.

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