My Days and Weeks in Port Vila, Vanuatu

11 Jan

Back at Work
Monday, 1 November 2010

After a three-month vacation, I am back at work. It could be worse obviously: I could be in DC! The office is one big room and a couple of glass partitions. Carmine has his own space but the door is always open. Lots of natural light on both sides of the room, a nice environment to work in.

The team is bigger than I thought: an engineer, two analysts, one full-time + one part-time economists, a woman who works on communications and some admin (she will give birth in a month!), a nice woman who keeps the rooms clean, and little me! Sharing our space are three people from Vanuatu Energy for Rural Development (VERD). There is a variety of countries represented – Europe, Australia, Fiji, and some locals of course. There is a little kitchen area for tea, water (yes!) and a little fridge.

The only issue really is the toilets: they are outside our offices and… mixed! I know. Awful. The seat is always up. Two stalls without much privacy (the partitions don’t go floor to ceiling), even the main door is always open and there is a big hole at the bottom so no point in closing it. I am still wondering whether we have to share them with the other office on our floor: MCC. I cannot escape the Americans!

As for work, nothing too crazy so far. I have reviewed the website, which was launched today actually. I am also reading stuff to understand the URA’s mission and how it operates. Everything is written in proper English, and I wonder whether I should start switching my z’s into s’s — say pyjamas instead of pajamas?

I wanted to visit the local market for lunch but I never made it: stopped by a downpour! I sought refuge in a Chinese shop (all kinds of good stuff, including pirated DVDs). I browsed for a bit then waited at the door and who suddenly appeared on the corner also running from the tropical shower? Carmine. So no market, and we had lunch in a Western-type deli. Too bad for the “couleur locale” but at least I was in good company.

I haven’t yet done any attempt at searching for a home, or a phone, or a bank account. Tomorrow. Well, I did speak with a colleague about what type of accommodation I was looking for, and he said he’d ask around. The thing is: Mangoes Resort is so comfortable! Beyond my budget though. Sigh.

Good news: With the killer hills, I may not have to find a gym!

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