My Days and Weeks in Port Vila, Vanuatu

11 Jan

Attempt at a Social Life
Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I’ve been here for a few days and haven’t made any friends yet. Of course, with Carmine around, who needs friends?! At work, the locals are friendly and the expats are — well, expats… mmm I am sure they are nice once you know them better. I do get along well with Nima, another World Bank escapee, whom I met in DC once and worked with briefly. Since he’s just gone through the house search process, he’s been giving me some advice.

Carmine says we are like chalk and cheese — I am not sure what that means exactly: we could hardly be more different except that we are both quite white? Hihihi! I probably would be the hard chalk and he, the soft likable cheese with a tendency towards cluelessness. This week Nima’s spent more time at the little house on the lagoon that he is renting than at work. He’s hired a couple of people to completely redo it. Quite a challenge: ripping down all the built-ins, redoing a rotten wall, ordering a sink from IKEA in the US, sanding the furniture, painting inside and outside walls. He has taken this on with delight, some anxieties and plenty of optimism: he is already planning a party on Saturday. Three people at the office have birthdays coming up and he’s combining the parties. Well, Nima is 30 today! Carmine will be 50 I think around mid-November. Not sure about the third person.

So far, I have mostly hung out with Carmine, the WB consultant, and myself but since I do think I should make friends, I crashed a party. Maureen G from VERD [there are two Maureen’s!] invited a few people over to her place for a barbecue. Since we work in the same space, I heard all about it but was never mentioned as a guest (no written invitation either) and it was -apparently- only for expats. I have been tired from sleep deprivation, but since it was for Nima’s birthday and I have to force myself a little to be social, I went … empty-handed! Ha. I know, quite a rebel these days. So I met a few Australians and a French girl. Baby steps.

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