My Days and Weeks in Port Vila, Vanuatu

11 Jan

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Yeah, my very first earthquake — since I slept through the one in DC. Okay, it was so tiny that it didn’t even make the local or water-cooler news, but it woke me up. Had I been in DC, I would have thought that a heavy truck had whizzed past too fast. I did wonder whether it was an earthquake, but sleep is precious these days and I went back to sleep. Carmine confirmed it when we were driving to work. I mean, it’s not like I am wishing to be in a devastating earthquake, but I am curious!

Another earth-shattering event: I have a cell phone! The local staff was very helpful, it was quite a team effort and it looks like they don’t trust my sense of orientation. Romney is our telecom specialist and, given my needs, he recommended TVL (Orange). He said there was an office across the street – but I couldn’t find it on Wednesday. So on Thursday, I asked again and he was with Maureen M (not to be confused with Maureen G, the Australian working for VERD), who decided to draw a map because it was NOT across the street – men and directions! I was about to leave when Martha (ever smiling femme-a-tout-faire) said she was coming with me. I know she likes excuses to leave the office [who doesn’t?] but I have a feeling that Maureen suggested it. Woman solidarity — or I just look clueless!

Third earth-shattering event: I have found a bedroom. Martha was once again instrumental. I mentioned to her that I was looking for a place to live and she suggested… the Daily Post. Why did I not think of this? Nima was talking about real estate agents, this and that, and sharing his stories. That brought the opposite of motivation, something like dread. I hadn’t noticed the ads because there are not so many and they are camouflaged in the commercial ads.

I looked at the latest papers, found one that sounded okay and called. I met the guy, saw the house, and done. You probably think I should have seen more but wait for the description! Ocean view. Walking distance from the office (again, uphill/downhill both ways!). All included: wireless internet, water, electricity… and even a cleaner + laundry and a gardener — for less than $700 [Mangoes is closer to $2000]. There is a third bedroom that Ivan [Australian] wants to rent out, so we’ll see if we all gel. A biting issue is that I got properly attacked during the few minutes we spent on the deck — and that was full daylight! The usual beasts wait for dusk, but it was lunchtime. Maybe the proximity of the water makes them hungrier . Wait a sec, need to scratch the four bites around my left knee. Aaaaah.

His previous housemate just left and Ivan wants a bit of privacy, which works out well since I am allowed to stay another week at the Mangoes Resort according to my contract. Sweet!

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