Underwater Paradise

14 Feb

Waterquake? No just bubbles

Short Note
26 March 2011

A dive I will not forget: I was underwater with dive master Fabrice and an Australian woman, on our way to the cathedral (a deep cavern with the top above water, so with light streaming in) when I heard a loud noise, like the engine of a big boat.

I saw Fabrice stop and go towards the cliff to grab a rock and stand still. The woman practically went into a fetal position. I was clueless and wondered why I couldn’t see the boat – with this much noise, it should be big. Anyway, I am a good student and I followed Fabrice’s lead. Eventually the noise stop and we continued our dive to visit the beautiful Cathedral.

The current was quite strong and I couldn’t keep my depth during the second decompression stop. I was also getting sea sick just looking at our boat rocking with the waves. I surfaced too early but I was safe enough. Now getting on the boat was a different story! Once everyone was on board, they said it was an earthquake! No big boat going too fast over our heads, just another tremor in paradise.

We were lucky it was a mild one, because Jerry (another dive master) told us that once he was underwater during an earthquake and rocks started falling around them. I sometimes wonder why they call Vanuatu paradise. Turquoise water, white sandy beaches, beautiful climate all year round, tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes, hungry mosquitoes, no good chocolate. I have to keep traveling to find a real paradise.


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