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A Fascination for Vanuatu’s Trees and Flowers

24 Feb
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A Little Rap Song, Island Style

23 Feb

When Digicel came to Vanuatu a few years ago it broke the monopoly held by TVL, but the honeymoon is over…

Journalists on the Frontlines

22 Feb

Marie Colvin and Rémi Ochlik -- © Photo from NY Times Article

I am often moved by what I see and read on the news: when you sift through the crap, you find real news. Hard, soft, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s real. Extraordinary people get them from the field to you, to us. I am not talking about the people with their head plastered on buses or hosting shows in comfy studios. The real people.

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Speaking of Home – Some Photos of Vanuatu

19 Feb

Come with me from home in George Pompidou to the office. Bring your sunglasses!

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Home – with or without an Uppercase – Where is Home?

16 Feb

I know, “Home” is a strange topic for a blog on eating your way through the world. I was… shall we say pushed by my friend Emily. If you don’t believe me, read her blog entry entitled My Identity Crisis. I was innocently leaving a comment and she challenged me to explore the topic on my blog, which is always in need of fresh material.

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Christmas in Ireland

1 Feb

There is only so much sea sun and fun a mountain girl can take. After 13 months in the Pacific, it was time to return to Europe and dreary winters. I arrived home on 19 December, during what the Irish called a tropical winter, wearing four layers, two scarves, gloves, socks over my cotton tights, and still thoroughly frozen. Cold is relative.

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