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Winning IvyPrez Idol Can Get you Far

25 Mar

Well, he was voted IvyPrez Idol a year ago by IvyGate, and this year he may be World Bank Prez.

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Melburnian for a Week

22 Mar

Need I say more?

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Green and Proud

17 Mar

I wore green clothes for two days.

These kids danced their heart out.

What did you do on St. Patrick’s Day?

Melbourne in Photos

7 Mar

7 March 2012

This past January I visited my English friends Brian and Graham, and finally got my hands on the photos they took when we met in Melbourne in April 2011. Lucky you!

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Letter to Emily

3 Mar

Emily in Semuc Champey, Guatemala, July 2009

[Emily “tagged” me after being tagged herself. You can read her blog Grounding my Roots and see the rules of the game below. Since she sent me 11 questions, I thought I’d address my responses directly to her, my blog buddy and Guatemalan partner in chocolate crime]

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