Melbourne in Photos

7 Mar

7 March 2012

This past January I visited my English friends Brian and Graham, and finally got my hands on the photos they took when we met in Melbourne in April 2011. Lucky you!

I like Sydney and Melbourne for different reasons and it’s hard to pick a favourite. Obviously Melbourne has a big advantage: it IS Australia’s Chocolate Capital… But I also like looking up to appreciate the different style of architecture. Even inside buildings, you’ll find astonishing architectural feats.

The Yarra river looks dirty but they have worked hard at building nice-looking bridges, and creating paths along its banks. Melburnians have access to nice beaches in St Kilda.Do they beat Sydney’s Circular Quay, Darling Harbour and Bondi Beach? No! I haven’t visited Sydney’s Luna Park though, so I’ll have to visit it before deciding whether it’s better or worse than what I saw in St. Kilda.

We were very lucky that the Flower Show was on that week and we saw amazing floral arrangements and innovative designs (outdoors room one can only dream about!). We were there on the last day so we saw the winners of the competition, but really all the entries were amazing, from the smallest creations to the gardens.

We also visited the Shrine for Remembrance, which has several interesting exhibits (my favourite being of course women’s involvement in the war effort — equality hurts). It also offers a great view on Melbourne cityscape, even on a cloudy day. Sydney has the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park, but it’s always under some sort of renovation and there wouldn’t be a good view, even if you could climb up the little structure.

Victoria Market is a must-taste. You can find anything from junk to food! Easy for your veg & fruit shopping, but also any seafood, meat, and delicacies from everywhere. Then you can buy souvenirs, clothing, arts, dust-gatherers. Shop ’til you drop. Or get a German sausage mit Sauerkraut and die happy.

However, Sydney doesn’t have trams, and boy do they know trams in Melbourne! Modern to old, free to not so free, anywhere anytime! We took advantage of the Sunday deal when all three of us could travel within the entire tram & train network for the whole day for less than AUD10. We saw it all.

So many words when really all you want is… a slideshow! But the best news is that I’ll be in Melbourne again tomorrow. I’ll see if I can borrow a camera so I can take photos of the really important places in Australia’s Chocolate Capital.

(Photos copyright: Graham Fletcher)

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2 Responses to “Melbourne in Photos”

  1. Graham Fletcher 15 J00000011Australia/Sydney 2011 at 2:44 am #

    Janique, you probably won’t see this ( I only just found these pictures ) I didn’t realise you had made me famous, I have been looking back on your Tastebuds.

  2. travelling tastebud 15 J00000011Australia/Sydney 2011 at 8:26 am #

    Hi Graham! I get an email any time someone writes a comment 🙂 I thought I had sent you the link after posting your photos, but anyway I am glad that you found them and your unexpected fame!

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