Two Sides of Vanuatu

19 Jun

Vanuatu prides itself on its smiling and welcoming people. The soil is so fertile that they have plenty to eat. Tourists come by planes and cruise ships to enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery, turquoise waters and sandy beaches. But the Ni-Vanuatu  often do not realize that their night skies also make the envy of the urbanized world.

Yet, it also has rampant corruption and politicians who do not even attempt to hide it.

Both sides are evident in today’s Daily Post:

2 sides of Vanuatu – Daily Post 19 June 2012 (PDF, 810 KB)

(Apologies for the unfriendly PDF but their website has not been updated)

For more photos:

24 February 2012 – A fascination for Vanuatu’s Trees and Flowers

19 February 2012 – Speaking of Home

Or read my previous entries about my life in Vanuatu:

November 2010-January 2011 – My Days and Weeks in Port Vila

February 2011 – Underwater Paradise

April 2011 – Easter on Espiritu Santo Island


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