The Real Australia – Gardening in Strathalbyn

27 Oct

After a quiet week in Port Lincoln, a long journey to Adelaide (650km, I remind you), we arrived starving in beautiful rural South Australia, more specifically Strathalbyn.

The town is less than an hour away from Adelaide, but it has a really rural feel because it’s surrounded by hills, fields and vineyards.

More and more people choose to live there since the highway makes the commute quite easy and traffic in Adelaide is so bad that it takes as much time to reach its suburbs — spreaaaaaad ouuuuut!

I forgot to take photos of the main street with its lovely park and post-card buildings, and  a Woolie’s. It does not take long to feel comfortable here.

We were in Strath to work on the backyard of a brand new house before the new tenants move in at the end of November.

This is what the backyard looked like a week ago, when I first came to Strath:

Oh boy! With weeds taller than me…

After half a day of hard labour and several blisters it looked like this:

But still so much work to do!

After a day of work and a trip to the landfill, it already looked better:

By mid-day on a second day of blood sweat and … no, no tears but a sunburn, it looked like this:

And after two hard days — aaaaah!

Can you see how happy the strawberries will be in this patch?

The Gardener-in-Chief planted some lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, capsicum.

In the meantime, we lived in that beautiful and brand new house…

See the empty living room:

The empty dining room with on the right two bedrooms and a bathroom, the kitchen on the left and straight ahead the backyard:

And the empty kitchen, well there is our stuff but no fridge! Thankfully the temperatures were still low and those big walls kept the inside cool.

Since we went to local cafés both mornings for a hot chocolate, and I had precious Swiss chocolate for an evening treat, I didn’t worry too much about the food.

We actually had nice sandwiches and dips, plus soup and fresh vegetables anyway.

No, the pain — and I will show my age — came from the bed.

I used to be able to sleep anywhere anytime but this mattress did not give me one full night of sleep in spite of the fact that my body was exhausted. And I was the luckier one because my half was a real single mattress, the other half was an inflatable mattress.


The Gardener-in-Chief has been working tirelessly and after a week the backyard looked like this:

And the work is not done, but he’s taking a week off… To be continued.

Update 2

We are now in the last week of November and the tenants are moving in! They are very happy. I would be too…

The stump has been removed, the neighbour has been eating the strawberries (when he was kindly watering the garden) and the lettuces are ready to be eaten!

Can you even remember what it looked like before my magic hands grabbed that shovel?


3 Responses to “The Real Australia – Gardening in Strathalbyn”

  1. Graham Fletcher 15 J00000011Australia/Sydney 2011 at 2:47 am #

    I have missed something?, the property belongs to?. I am sure I will be informed when we see you next, We send you lots of Love.

    • travelling tastebud 15 J00000011Australia/Sydney 2011 at 8:27 am #

      The property belongs to the Gardner-in-Chief. More details in a month!


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