The Real Australia – CheeseFest in Adelaide

29 Oct

After a day of travelling from Port Lincoln to Adelaide, we arrived in Strathalbyn starving and spent two days working extra hard. Blisters hard! (If you do not believe me, see my previous post)

After the hard work and blisters on both hands, we deserved a treat.

I am not talking about Shoni’s biscuits (little break along the way but we had to fight her children to get the chocolate ones) or the Cornish pastie at  Café De Vili‘s (another break in the one-hour trip from Strath to Adelaide).

No, we went to the CheeseFest in Adelaide.

Food food food!! And a good crowd of people to enjoy it.

Mia-Tari convinced my driver to come, and I did not even know about this stop.

Of course, had I known we were heading that way, I would not have had the decadent Butterfly cupcake (yes, chocolate!) at De Vili’s.

Still, I tasted some nice cheeses. No Gruyere nor Tete de Moine nor raclette, but plenty of yummy cheeses done by local farmers or companies.

Yes, you could sample everything and buy what you liked. I could not buy anything since I was leaving the next day but my friends found plenty of treats.

There was more than cheese of course. What goes so well with cheese? Wine!!

Yes, you could sample the wines too: upon entrance you received a glass which you could fill at each winery’s stall, and they provided water to clean it in-between tastings. Very smart.

Cheese, wine, and of course food to buy (pizza, Indian, etc.) .

Also you could talk to  “famous” Australian chefs I sometimes see on TV. Oh and a tent for face painting for children.

They even had a stage with musicians.

A great place to go on a sunny weekend.

My interest was on high alert when I saw a sweet stall called Cocolat. The chocolate was outrageously expensive but, on this hot afternoon, a nice hazelnut and chocolate ice cream was heaven.

I know, what a surprise!

My research before for my visit in Adelaide consisted in Googling chocolate shops but I did not stay there long enough to actually roam the CBD to find them, so I was super happy to see that one of these stores came to me!

Like the new haircut? Summery 🙂

Still, I left South Australia the next day without having seen any koala. I did see two live kangaroos on the side of road (and countless dead ones – sigh). But I will have to go back and try again to pet these little creatures…


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