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Mullaghmore after I left

30 Jan

Surfing in Ireland

27 Apr

I am not a surfer and I wasn’t there to witness this incredible day when surfers from all over the world gathered in Mullaghmore, but I have seen these beaches almost every year since 1994 and still find this video amazing. And it shows landmarks on land as well, such a beautiful place.


Green and Proud

17 Mar

I wore green clothes for two days.

These kids danced their heart out.

What did you do on St. Patrick’s Day?

Home – with or without an Uppercase – Where is Home?

16 Feb

I know, “Home” is a strange topic for a blog on eating your way through the world. I was… shall we say pushed by my friend Emily. If you don’t believe me, read her blog entry entitled My Identity Crisis. I was innocently leaving a comment and she challenged me to explore the topic on my blog, which is always in need of fresh material.

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Christmas in Ireland

1 Feb

There is only so much sea sun and fun a mountain girl can take. After 13 months in the Pacific, it was time to return to Europe and dreary winters. I arrived home on 19 December, during what the Irish called a tropical winter, wearing four layers, two scarves, gloves, socks over my cotton tights, and still thoroughly frozen. Cold is relative.

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My Year 2011

1 Jan

After a Christmas lounging on Kalkula’s white sandy beach with toes breaking the turquoise horizon, far away from the hustle and bustle in Port Vila (…) Island, it was time for action.

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Life Unemployed 2010: Boston, Peru, Kentucky, Europe

24 Oct

The Boston Stage
27-29 July 2010

Everybody knows that the best way to relax after a rough period at work is to rest your bones on an island… so the day after leaving the World Bank I was wandering on Georges Island — mmm the sun, the tiny islands around, the geese, the cannons, the jails, the bitter wind, the ghost… Yes, not quite a Caribbean island but it’s full of history and a stone-throw away from Boston – perfect for an afternoon excursion away from deadlines.
Ghost story coming up