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Year in Review – 2009

28 Dec

In case you were wondering, this is what I have been up to this past year:

feels so far away and yet I can remember as if it were yesterday the sweet taste of San Francisco’s chocolate melting in my mouth. A certain Obama was being celebrated in freezing Washington, DC, but I was enjoying the sun and my friend Alison in the Bay. We did a lot of walking and exploring, but really my taste buds have better memories than my feet!
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Roma, Napoli, Pompeii, Gelati

2 Apr

WASHINGTON – 2 April 2009.

I saw a yellow SMART this morning on my way to work… sigh. Hit by nostalgia. A week ago I was in beautiful Roma looking at dozens of SMART and other toy cars (sooo cute!) zigzagging in traffic, or double-parked or using half of the sidewalk or parked perpendicularly where others have to parallel-park. Italians are masters at parking: bumper to bumper, and so often I wished I were there to see them get out of those tiiiight corners. I did see drivers squeezing in not-so-tight spaces and touching a car on the side… I would get my driver’s license really easily in Rome!
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