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Diary of a Sydneysider

2 Aug

Thoughts and tastes from Sydney from June 29 to August… to be determined!

No Taste
30 June –  3 July 2011

Sigh. Here for three days and I still can’t taste a thing and haven’t eaten any chocolate. What’s the point if I can’t appreciate its deliciousness! I was unwell in Port Vila but it turned into body chaos once the adrenalin stopped shielding my body. The stress sent its best soldiers and I was a shivering mess under blankets, or a hot and steamy mess in a tank top. Blisters all over my lower lip. Red patches around my neck. Swallowing is too painful to eat and no appetite anyway. I have been looking forward to this trip to culinary Wonderland and I can’t even tell what I am forcing into my mouth! arch

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Australian Escapade: Sydney in the Summer

23 Jan

Series of emails sent to my best Australian mate – who now lives in Ireland – from her favorite city…

Page 1 – Target Reached
Page 2 – Celebration du Chocolat
Page 3 – Hills Hills Hills
Page 4 – Law-Abiding Citizens
Page 5 – At Long Last We Meet, Tiger Pie
Page 6 – Hop Hop Hippity Hop
Page 7 – Fishy Fishy
Page 8 – Close your Eyes
Page 9 – Loose Ends

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