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My Year 2011

1 Jan

After a Christmas lounging on Kalkula’s white sandy beach with toes breaking the turquoise horizon, far away from the hustle and bustle in Port Vila (…) Island, it was time for action.

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Easter on Espiritu Santo Island

26 Apr

21-26 April 2011

You’d think that mosquitoes on an island named Espiritu Santo in a country often compared to paradise would be nice… but they are horrible! And their bites itch for days and days. All the bugs are mean: I was barely out of the airport when a cockroach landed on my arm and stung me (family member of the ones I have been exterminating at home?). Welcome to Luganville! I had bites I couldn’t even identify… and yes, I forgot to bring my insect repellent. Argh! I was applying anti-itch cream the same way as sunscreen!
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Underwater Paradise

14 Feb

… or how great it is to scuba dive in Vanuatu, and I have photos to prove it!

Page 1 – Fish Have Sharp Teeth
Page 2 – Squishy, Sticky, Spiky
Page 3 – Playing with Nemo
Page 4 – Advanced Fish and Licensed Driver
Page 5 – Short Note

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