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Christmas in Ireland

1 Feb

There is only so much sea sun and fun a mountain girl can take. After 13 months in the Pacific, it was time to return to Europe and dreary winters. I arrived home on 19 December, during what the Irish called a tropical winter, wearing four layers, two scarves, gloves, socks over my cotton tights, and still thoroughly frozen. Cold is relative.

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My Days and Weeks in Port Vila, Vanuatu

11 Jan

Come live in Paradise… through emails I sent to my friends over my first weeks in Vila in 2010.

Page 1 – Home Hot Humid Home
Page 2 – Getting to Know my New Home
Page 3 – Rainy Paradise
Page 4 – Back at Work
Page 5 – Who Is This Person?
Page 6 – Attempt at a Social Life
Page 7 – Earthquake!!
Page 8 – One Week in Vanuatu
Page 9 – Local Food
Page 10 – Week Three in Itchy Paradise
Page 11 – Peanuts – Insomnia – Climate – Cooking: Random Thoughts
Page 12 – Week Three – part two (such an exciting week!)
Page 13 – All Work and No Play
Page 14 – Just Another Week (#5) at the Office
Page 15 – Fridge Warming Party
Page 16 – Being Social in the Comfort of your Home
Page 17 – Side Note: Vanuatu Politics
Page 18 – Dog Days of Summer
Page 19 – Picture Perfect
Page 20 – What Happened since Christmas?

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