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The Real Australia – CheeseFest in Adelaide

29 Oct

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The Real Australia – Port Lincoln

22 Oct

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Melburnian for a Week

22 Mar

Need I say more?

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Melbourne in Photos

7 Mar

7 March 2012

This past January I visited my English friends Brian and Graham, and finally got my hands on the photos they took when we met in Melbourne in April 2011. Lucky you!

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Christmas in Ireland

1 Feb

There is only so much sea sun and fun a mountain girl can take. After 13 months in the Pacific, it was time to return to Europe and dreary winters. I arrived home on 19 December, during what the Irish called a tropical winter, wearing four layers, two scarves, gloves, socks over my cotton tights, and still thoroughly frozen. Cold is relative.

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My Year 2011

1 Jan

After a Christmas lounging on Kalkula’s white sandy beach with toes breaking the turquoise horizon, far away from the hustle and bustle in Port Vila (…) Island, it was time for action.

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Melbourne: Australia’s Chocolate Capital

7 Apr

30 March – 7 April 2011

If I hadn’t been born in the world’s chocolate capital, I probably would have been born in Melbourne. My second trip to Australia started with a Google search for chocolate tours… and I found plenty. But who wants to follow a group of chocoholics? I just got the addresses of as many stop points as possible, and visited them, one at a time. De-li-cious. And remember: this was just before Easter… the best season for my addiction.
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