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Letter to Emily

3 Mar

Emily in Semuc Champey, Guatemala, July 2009

[Emily “tagged” me after being tagged herself. You can read her blog Grounding my Roots and see the rules of the game below. Since she sent me 11 questions, I thought I’d address my responses directly to her, my blog buddy and Guatemalan partner in chocolate crime]

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Home – with or without an Uppercase – Where is Home?

16 Feb

I know, “Home” is a strange topic for a blog on eating your way through the world. I was… shall we say pushed by my friend Emily. If you don’t believe me, read her blog entry entitled My Identity Crisis. I was innocently leaving a comment and she challenged me to explore the topic on my blog, which is always in need of fresh material.

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My Year 2011

1 Jan

After a Christmas lounging on Kalkula’s white sandy beach with toes breaking the turquoise horizon, far away from the hustle and bustle in Port Vila (…) Island, it was time for action.

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Roughing it in New Zealand

1 Sep

Diary of my adventures in the land of rugby (9 August – 1 November 2011)


Auckland is Getting Ready for Rugby!
9-17 August 2011


Kia Ora! A city welcomes you… but don’t mind the finishing touches. Fresh paint here, new cobblestones there, banners and posters everywhere. The city is in a buzz. Even my hostel was smelling (bad) of fresh paint and a guy was going around the floors speckling.  So much to do so little time.

Auckland will host the very first game of the Rugby World Cup on September 9, as well as all the finals at the end of October. As the banners say, the World Is Here to Play! Not everybody is excited about the games, but tourism will be good!

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