The Real Australia

16 Oct

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I have been to Sydney a few times.

I have been to Melbourne a few times.

But I had not seen the Real Australia. And I had not seen any kangaroo or koala!

So I was looking forward to sitting in a 12-year-old ute for 650 km from Adelaide to Port Lincoln (South Australia). Yes, crazy but I want to see Postcard Australia.

[ute = utility vehicle… or pick-up truck — I learning Australian]

We stopped for KFC in Port Augusta and a soft ice cream at Mackers in Whyalla…  I felt like I had not left the US!

Except for comfort stops, I spent most of the day looking for wildlife while snacking. I had bought fruits… and chocolate chip cookies.

As you can see on the photos, I saw a lot of bushes and dry soil. Apologies for the quality of photos but they were taken as the ute was driving about 100 km/h.

As per usual, we saw plenty of roadkills too… including roos. Very sad. Birds, snakes, exploded tires and massive trucks! No photo, don’t worry.

Thankfully yesterday, I saw two live roos when we were driving in green bush between Adelaide and Strathalbyn. Apparently the best way to see live ones is to go to a sort of petting zoo.

Doesn’t sound like the “real” Australia to me, but I am only a Swiss Miss.

To be continued…


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