My Adventures in Malawi

26 Nov

CHAPTER SEVEN — 10/10/2007 — P.S.

I know I know I have already bored you yesterday, but I wanted to add a post scriptum.

I arrived home yesterday around 5:30. No one to open the big heavy metal gate…

I squeezed in my fingers to reach the edge and pulled, thankfully it wasn’t locked.

I walked around the big rock and plant feature looking for my friends the geckos, nothing.

I get inside… silence, no one. I looked around. No.

Oh well, I went to the desk, the drawer was unlocked.

Hop I took my key and let myself in my bedroom, ni vu ni connu.

This is not the Green House but the Ghost House! And Monday night it was a Mad House because 10 Scots had invaded and I went to bed with earplugs.

Back to my fascinating evening: I switched on the the TV and o miracle, it is NOT Big Brother Africa! Yeah!!!

With renewed energy I jumped on the torture machine and huffed & puffed while watching the end of a Shark episode. Then Justin Timberlake serenaded me. la la la. Cool.

Strange programming, I know, but then what comes on? Jerry Springer… so this guy had to leave New Orleans because of Katrina. His wife of 2 years is abusive, so he is afraid of telling her what he does for a living, which is why he came on the show (makes complete sense).

What does he do, you wanna know?

He is a striper and sometimes sleeps with people (men, women, who cares?) for money. Apparently the money is not as good as when he was stripping at 20 years old though… Rough life.

I couldn’t wait to see the wife, but was washing up in the bathroom. I came back and… bye bye Jerry hello Big Brother… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh why o why?!

I ate while trying to make sense of what they were doing but no luck. Sitting around. Laughing. Playing with pencils and scissors. Listening to music. What are they doing?!

Anyway, I went back to my books. At 8pm, I finished my tenth book since arriving in Malawi.

I checked the TV, still the same 6 people stuck in that same house… I ate a cookie and then started book #11.

I checked again while getting ready for bed… no, no change except that they split the boys and the girls… this is a big house!

Woke up this morning, same people sleeping… oh one scratched her head! How exciting!

I think it was my favorite, Ofunneka from Nigeria. Her nickname is Ofumama because she cooks and cleans all the time. Better that than Boreen (boring Maureen from Uganda) or Richiana (cheating husband Richard with Tatiana).

Anyway, I made a quick list of my readings so you know I haven’t been completely lobotomized by bad TV.

Aztec Rage — Very interesting saga following an arrogant man who discovers he is not as well born as he thought, in the background Mexicans are trying to win their independence from the Spaniards.
The Book of Dead — Egyptian mythology in the middle of NYC, but they keep referring to previous books and I know there are a couple afterwards… makes you want to read all of them, but on the other hand the characters are not that attaching… maybe the ghost lady…
Devil Wears Prada — This girl is a mess! go see the movie at least it has a happy ending.
The Blind Assassin — Quite complicated with 3 different stories intermingled but very good, it follows the sad lifes of 2 sisters in Canada at a time women don’t have much choices in life.
Aristotle and Poetic Justice: Murder and Mystery in Ancient Athens — Aristotle as a detective running after a kidnapped girl in Ancient Greece, or is she? I’d actually read the other books in the series
The Bonesetter’s Daughter (Amy Tan) — absolutely loved it, about 3 generations of women in China and the US and the difficulty of being a good mother/daughter. It even made me more understanding of my mother if you can believe that!
Ricochet — Detective story where the cop falls in love with the wife of his nemesis the AG while investigating a self-defense murder in their house… or did she kill the burglar in premeditation? I was desperate, I asked the staff at the lodge if someone had left a book behind – read it in one day.
Daughter of Fortune & Portrait in Sepia (Isabel Allende) — Excellent books following the lifes of British and Chilean families traveling to different corners of the world. I will definitely read the other books by her, just wish I could read them in Spanish.
Green Grass — A woman going through her midlife crisis in modern England… forgettable.
Currently reading: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and it was hard to leave it to go to bed… no earplugs necessary, the Scots have left the Greenhouse

It is kind of hard to concentrate because there is a guy right in front of me, behind my computer screen, cleaning the windows. I wish he could come inside and get rid of the tiny spider that has been roaming the blinds. I don’t want to kill it but I don’t like to share my office. Strange, I still haven’t seen the papers… better start … oooh nooo! speaking of the devil! They have arrived and who is on the front page? No not me, the boss.

POST post scriptum: I was also mentioned in that article… and of course the quote that Tim doesn’t approve of… Sigh.

And in the paper also today our Country Economist! The Bank is very popular these days!


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